Review: THE BULLET JOURNAL METHOD by Ryder Carroll

bullet Journal method

THE BULLET JOURNAL METHOD: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future
by Ryder Carroll is a handy book about not only how to bullet journal, but how to set and meet goals that lead to a more fulfilling life. I actually am not new to bullet journaling and its transformative power – but I had a lapse, which did negatively impact my productivity. I thought this book might jumpstart my productivity and mindfulneses again. And it did.

What I didn’t expect to find was the emphasis on introspection and human psychology. I’m not a self-help book reader and didn’t think this was that kind of book. It’s a hybrid how-to-journal book and a bit of a live-a-better-life book. As such, I found many of the messages inspiring – and they did dovetail nicely into the bullet journal concept.

Although THE BULLET JOURNAL METHOD includes truths that we know, intellectually, many of these truths bear repeating:

“Though you can’t control people, you will in some way influence those you come in contact with, and they may in turn carry forward that influence. Your knowledge can teach others. Your hard work can inspire others. Your positive mood can uplift others.”

Some of the blog articles I’ve read about how-to-bullet-journal seemed more helpful than some of the sections here (ironic, since the founder of the bullet journal IS the author). Overall, I recommend the book if you’re considering bullet journaling and need some positive reinforcement to make changes in your life. I’d just supplement with some blog posts as well.


Here is a brief video explaining what bullet journaling is:


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