Music: Brad Paisley’s TICKS

Brad Paisley's Ticks

It’s tick season — time for Brad Paisley’s TICKS song.

He claims it was about “having fun and the Country culture of courting.”  Well, romance is in the eye of the beholder. Still, it is hard to imagine ticks as having the power to romantically inspire a musical artist, and his adoring fans, to the admirable, but unromantic heights of tick checking after a walk in nature…

So, one has to wonder — was it all just a tick PR stunt?

“I’d like to see you
out in the moonlight.

I’d like to kiss you
back in the sticks.

I’d like to walk you
through a field of wild flowers.

I’d like to check you
for ticks.”

Excerpt lyrics from Brad Paisley’s TICKS



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