For The Joy of Animals: A Tail Dragging Bald Eagle

tail dragging bald eagle

When you watch bald eagles being raised in near blizzard conditions, you might get the impression that they are pretty impervious to the cold. But, as one bald eagle found out the hard way, given the right circumstances mother nature can get the best of any of us.

After enjoying a riverside meal on an icy day with some bald eagle buddies, this eagle discovered the icy waters had left him flight impaired — without any alcohol involved.

It seems while distracted by eating, he allowed his tail end to accumulate ice including a roughly eight inch mass. Large enough and heavy enough to keep him grounded when all his buddies flew off.

Fortunately some human observers spotted the tail dragging bald eagle and contact Wings of Wonder, raptor rehabilitators, in Empire Michigan who were able to capture the bird.

Eventually the bald eagle was freed from his icy weight and, after a short stint in rehab, was released back into the wild.

So words to the wise from a tail dragging bald eagle -—

Never underestimate the power of mother nature.

Always keep you tail feathers dry in freezing weather.




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