DEMENTIA DIALOGUES (TEDx) — Remaking Conversation

dementia dialogues

The value of communications and conversations are not just in their exchange of wants, needs, and information, but the connections and relationships they build with each interaction.  One of the most compelling things about TEDTalks — they help us to make connections.  Not just the external connections we make to the presenters, their ideas, and information.  But also, the internal connections we make within ourselves, our lives, and the lives of those around us.  So a wonderfully witty and engaging talk about remaking and keeping our connection to people with dementia through DEMENTIA DIALOGUES is a perfect TED fit.

Dementia is scary for every one involved.  Little about it seems compatible with a “normal” life that is predictable, ordinary, or sane.  And yet, with candor, humor, and keen insights, Julie Goyder with her son, Menzies Goyder, share their personal experiences of loving and staying connected to Anthony Goyder, her husband/his father, who is experiencing parkinson’s induced dementia.

Over the years they’ve had to make and remake their connections to him and their ways of communicating.  There are highs & lows, mistakes and triumphs, joys, tears and, yes — a lot of laughter.   And somehow they always make it work — they stay connected with each other and the one they love.

And that may be my favorite take away from DEMENTIA DIALOGUES.  Regardless of whether any of us are dealing with someone with dementia, or not — the key to communication is not about the what, but the who and the why.  If you care about who you are communicating with and if you want to build your connections to them —

1) Be Open — to what is be communicated

2) Be Adaptable  — in how you respond

3) Be Persistant — in keeping the “dialogue” going

4) Find Humor — it ALWAYS helps

Please enjoy the wonderful and joyful “ Dementia Dialogues ” TEDxBunbury by teacher/author/blogger/dementia advocate Julie Goyder and her actor/musician son, Menzies Goyder:

Check out Julie Goyder’s blog jmgoyder — Wings and Things and a discussion of her book, WE’LL BE MARRIED IN FREMANTLE: Alzheimer’s disease and the everyday act of storying, in a post about The Transformative Power of Listening.




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