Words: “… The Doctrine Of The Manyness Of Reality”

We all agree that truth matters, but how do we become honest critics of truth? How do we create meaningful change without a full and honest view of the problem?  How do we reach consensus for meaningful action if we are all wrapped up in resenting each other’s ignorance?  As with the seven blind men describing an elephant, Mahatma Gandhi urged us to reach beyond our “us vs them” points of views to find the fullness of truth and that requires that we recognize the manyness of reality …

The Doctrine Of The Manyness Of Reality

Mahatma Gandhi believer in the manyness of reality “It has been my experience that I am always true from my point of view, and am often wrong from the point of view of my honest critics. I know that we are both right from our respective points of view. And this knowledge saves me from attributing motives to my opponents or critics.

The seven blind men who gave seven different descriptions of the elephant were all right from their respective points of view, and wrong from the point of view of one another, and right and wrong from the point of view of the man who knew the elephant.

I very much like this doctrine of the manyness of reality. It is this doctrine that has taught me to judge a Musulman from his standpoint and a Christian from his. Formerly I used to resent the ignorance of my opponents. Today I can love them because I am gifted with the eye to see myself as others see me and vice versa.

I want to take the whole world in the embrace of my love.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi (Young India – 21 Jan 1926)


(aka Mahatma “high-souled” Gandhi)

October 2, 1869 – January 30, 1948

Husband, father,
Lawyer, philosopher, writer
Political leader, organizer, activist
Believer in the adherence to truth
Teacher of nonviolent civil disobedience



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