Music: I LIVED by OneRepublic

I’ve long been a fan of I LIVED by OneRepublic. Its upbeat affirmation of life and living is guaranteed to get me up out of my chair and dancing around even on the gloomiest of days. But it wasn’t until recently that I saw the video version of it featuring Bryan Warnecke and cystic fibrosis. Needless to say I was blown away. I was humbled, inspired and educated.

The words cystic fibrosis weren’t new to me. I knew CF was a serious disease.  I just never knew anyone with it. I hadn’t a clue as to what the disease looked like or what it might be like to actually live with it.

How extraordinary to find, within the space of a song, such a clear understanding of the disease and what an incredible young man Bryan Warnecke is.

For Bryan to stare down this disease every day and share such a personal story at such a young age takes tremendous courage. But his advocacy of cystic fibrosis doesn’t end there. Bryan and his cycling teammates biked 1,200 miles in 2014 and raised $300,000 for cystic fibrosis research and hopefully the next generation of cystic fibrosis therapies.

Now Bryan Warnecke has set a goal to be the first goalie with cystic fibrosis to play in the Olympics for Team USA.   I don’t for a minute doubt Bryan will make it happen.

I LIVED by OneRepublic is an awe-inspiring affirmation of the power of music and its storytelling video to empower those with cystic fibrosis and educate the rest of us.




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