I’ve have yet to made it through the complete 24 hours of a Dewey’s readathon and I won’t today.   But in a spirit of support for authors, writers, storytellers and their ooh so necessary readers & story listeners, I’m doing the Dewey’s Readathon.

I’ll be updating this post periodically to share more about the Dewey’s readathon and to list short stories and books as I finish them.

dewey readathon


Dewey Readathon Reads

OOPSY DAISY, a joyful and thoughtful short story collection by Melanie Jean Juneau about raising nine kids on a hobby farm.  Where she became “the CEO of my chaotic domain” and where “a sense of community started…  all the members helped each other.”  “…we valued participation.”  12 pgs. – completed!


FOREVER TEAM by Suzie Ivy – a female detective’s new partner has 4 legs… woof!  This heartwarming YA short story police procedural will bring you to laugher and tears and have you eagerly awaiting the next in the FOREVER series – FOREVER DELINQUENT (available soon, I hope). 40 pgs. – completed!


SOMEONE TO LOOK UP TO by Jean Gill – A dogs life, as told by the dog. Wonderfully turned phrases that range from humorous to heartbreaking wrap a wealth of insights, as a young pup recalls his compelling odyssey from breeder, to owner, to animal shelter and finally a second chance.   162 pgs. – completed.


My time got cut shorter than I had hoped, but I enjoyed some wonderful reads and it was great to be a part of the Dewey’s readathon.  Until April 23, 2016 — read on!





    1. They hold a Dewey Readathon every april and Oct. There’s prizes and challenges you can participate in. You can sign up to have reading cheerleaders to cheer you or be one yourself. Or you can just read (as I do). It’s fun.


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