Beating Back the Drive-By Media In Politics

As nature abhors a vacuum, so the drive-by media is hungry to control and define any public figure whose impact might supersede their own.

How do we beat them?

Whether we believe that Hillary Clinton’s “email-gate” is empty click-bait or something substantive, the amount of feverish news coverage generated in advance of securing the facts telegraphs that mainstream media is flailing in an effort to bring Hillary to heel — just as they would with anyone who defies their influence. Hillary’s popularity with the American people makes her the biggest target. But she is not, was not, nor will she be the only one.

Whoever throws their hat into the ring for the Presidency, we have an obligation to meet them in the middle. That does not mean we forgo our own wishes on policy. Only when we seek to hear from and communicate with candidates directly can we break past the bread and circuses we are fed daily by corporate owned networks looking to keep us distracted with conspicuous consumerism and scandal. The internet offers us an opportunity to break through like never before.

Seeing past media garbage is tricky. But as the Presidential race heats up in earnest, the candidates will get out on the stump and present their ideas. The degree to which (and how) mainstream media covers them will be in part predicated on us playing the “Yelp” card if reporters don’t do their jobs.

Sensationalism doesn’t require our support.  Talking heads are increasingly in danger of losing their numbers as sites like this one gain traction. Using your voice on social media to insist they toe the line, coupled with refusing to believe anything anyone tells you about a candidate until you bear witness yourself and form your own opinion is a powerful one-two punch. Might it help move the needle back in our direction?

Interesting that just today, The New York Times has started walking back their Hillary smears regarding her emails and writing softer stories about the “confusion” of the regulations.  Hmm.  While it is a far cry from the apology owed, these new stories would not have been published without the huge outcry from average citizens complaining of their horrid bias!

I know I’m an optimist, but I refuse to give up, thereby ceding every election to the drive-by media and inside-the-beltway crowd.

Jerry Doyle and Anita Finlay
Jerry Doyle and Anita Finlay

Jerry Doyle and I have a feisty “jaw session” on the subject.  Click on the audio link below and enjoy, then share your thoughts in comments!


(Original version of this piece published at on March 13, 2015 by Anita Finlay.  Reposted here with permission of the author. ) 



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  1. I believe the media is out to sink Hillary. She is obviously her own woman which they find intimidating. I have written a number of letters to Harpers cancelling my subscription (they keep sending it) after that hit piece they did on “Stopping Hillary” in November. For a supposedly left wing magazine it was shocking to see a piece whose origins were self-admitedly from Dick Morris. It just shows you can’t count on the left to support the best chance for a woman to be President.


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