Cave Woman’s Musician of the Day: Cereus Bright

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone here. I write book reviews often enough. Those require some thought, but usually they aren’t terribly difficult. I have an easy time with those mostly because I write books myself. I can verbalize where a writer succeeded or fell short because I can often see my own mistakes or strengths reflected in the work of other authors, and I know what I aspire to. And sometimes I can recognize greatness.

Music reviews are different, more difficult. I do not play an instrument, unless you count the kazoo. Which, if my last three auditions are anything to go by, most major orchestras do not. I like music. Very much.

My life has a sound track. I have only to press play on  The Indigo Girls‘ SWAMP OPHELIA, and I am yanked back to my summer dorm. Play me The WallFlower’s ONE HEADLIGHT, and I am pulling into my driveway in the semi-darkness after a long day at the children’s center. I can smell the honeysuckle, feel the oppressive humidity, hear the incessant buzz of the cicadas. Music marks the passage of time for me the way nothing else can. I love music.

I can tell you why I like a book clearly and (hopefully) effectively. I can discuss character development and plot line with reasonable intelligence. When it comes to discussing music, however, I become a Cave Woman. “Music good. Like listen. Sometimes sing.” So bear with me.

cereus bright
Cereus Bright – modern folk/Americana

Let me introduce you to Cereus Bright, a modern folk band I discovered through my daughter about a year ago. They are passionate musicians with lyrics both witty and thought-provoking. They travel all over the country, and their stage performance is electrifying.

Cave woman says about Cereus Bright:
“Words good. Make think. Sound good, too. See live show.  Rate this band 4.5/5 Mastodons.”

So what do you think of Cereus Bright?  Have you heard of them? Are you a modern folk/americana fan?




  1. So now you’ve gotten me hooked on this song! I listen to all kinds of music, but recently found myself gravitating towards modern folk and Americana. I’ve always liked more of a ballad than traditional country… And yeah, I’m another musical cavewoman. I don’t even play a kazoo!


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