Mahogany Row, Mary Barra, and Equal Pay


My latest article questioned whether Mary Barra Was Set Up to Take the Fall at GM.  As their first woman CEO, named weeks before a disastrous 2.6 million car recall was made public, the timing looks suspicious.  Tuesday, April 7th, was Equal Pay Day — the amount of time women have to work into the new year to equal the money made by men in 2013.

Jerry Doyle

I joined Jerry Doyle on the Jerry Doyle show Wednesday (4/08/14) to talk about the ramifications of Barra’s appointment and Obama’s two Executive Orders on Equal Pay.

As always it was a fun show and in our second segment, Jerry and I spar over the realities and politics of the fight for pay parity for women.

A great discussion.  Two segments.  Don’t miss either one!

Anita Finlay is the author of Dirty Words on Clean Skin –  #1 on Amazon’s best sellers list of Women in Politics books for 16 weeks.  Look for  Anita Finlay, Author on Facebook and @AnitaFinlay on Twitter.

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