The Power In ONE VOICE Against Bullying

There is amazing power in the song “One Voice”  and it’s message against bullying.

You hear it in the words written by 15 year-old New Zealand singer/song writer Nakita Turner as she tells the story of those who have been bullied.  Real stories of her own experiences and those she learned from interviewing 180 other students.  You feel it in her incredible voice as she expresses the real pain that bullying brings, and the sense of isolation and shame.

Artist: Kristina Webb

You see it in the album cover artwork created by 17 year-old New Zealand artist Kristina Webb  that beautifully and chillingly illustrates the physical and mental branding that scars those who have been bullied.

But equally powerful is the sense of community and empowerment you walk away with after hearing “One Voice” —  a song that took two years to make.  The pop/rock music that leaves you upbeat and uplifted; faces and voices of youthful optimism; a back story on the many connections and collaborations that developed and helped  “One Voice” happen; and, ultimately, a confirmation of what we all know (lyrics):

“One voice can make a difference
One voice can make it right
One voice can change the world
One voice can make it better
One voice can heal the pain
One voice can change the world
…But more would be better”

Nakita Turner: One Voice

What better way to fight back against bullying behavior whose goal is to shut down, shut out and instill fear, than to join with Nakita and Kristina to build “One Voice” against bullying into many voices!




    1. Yes, I love how the song, video and cover art – confront bullying head-on, but creates an upbeat energy that calls on each of us to put a stop to it. Because that is what it will take – all of us.


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