Words: “An Unquenchable Spirit of Adventure”

A favorite quote by Eleanor Roosevelt about having ” An Unquenchable Spirit of Adventure ”

“There is no experience from
which you can’t learn something.
Eleanor Roosevelt, wife and mother, with an Unquenchable spirit of adventure
Eleanor Roosevelt — a wife, mother and First Lady, with an unquenchable spirit of adventure
When you stop learning you

stop living in any vital

and meaningful sense.

And the purpose of life,

after all, is to live it,

to taste experience

to the utmost, to reach out 

eagerly and without fear

for newer and richer experience.

… You can do that only

if you have curiosity,

an unquenchable spirit of adventure…”

         ~~ Eleanor Roosevelt, YOU LEARN BY LIVING:
                   Eleven Keys For A More Fulfilling Life, 1960


Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
(1884 – 1962)

First Lady of United States (1933-1945),
wife, mother, grandmother
prolific writer, columnist, author,
human rights activist,
United Nations Delegate,
First Lady of New York


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  1. Wow, Linda! Thanks for sharing this. It is especially profound for me to read this today, the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. So many of my friends and family have been reflecting on it and its aftermath and my friends and family who were there riding out the storm and the common thread is what they learned about people and how wonderful and beautiful human nature can be. Your timing is impeccable!


  2. I watched news this morning for more than an hour and not once was Katrina mentioned. That had such a profound impact on me. The sense of overwhelming frustration and helplessness and sheer anguish at the aftermath of that storm.

    It is so awesome that friends and family were able to experience the beautiful side of human nature to help them heal.

    You should write about it! (hint, hint!)


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