For The Joy of Animals: Hummie Cam (New Baby Hummies)

Spring is in the air and I’ve been celebrating the season of renewal by going over to Melissa Crytzer Fry’s What I Saw… blog and watching her Hummie Cam.  She set a camera up to record the hummingbird nest in her breezeway.

Melissa graciously allowed me to share a couple of awesome images her Hummie Cam captured while I was lucky enough to be watching.

Nothing says spring like new little ones on the way.
(Clicking on either picture will take you to the hummie cam.)

hummie cam
Hummingbird settling onto nest. Photo credit: Melissa Crytzer Fry via webcam at What I Saw … blog.

Yes, the nest is built on a string of lights (The remenants of last year’s nest can be seen below).   Baby Hummies, ah, Hummingbirds are due (according to Melissa’s estimates) on the 19th or 20th.  Read more about this and last years nest.

Says Melissa about the Hummie Mama, “She was blowing all OVER the place two days ago with 30MPH winds. But she hung in there! Tough little mama!”

And as every good housewife knows,
spring is the time to make your home clean and tidy.

hummie cam 2
Hummingbird tidying up the nest. Photo credit: Melissa Crytzer Fry via webcam at What I Saw … blog.

I’m already addicted to the Hummie Cam and the babies haven’t even hatched yet.  Has spring brought anything special to your backyard?




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