Merry Merry Up-Side-Down Christmas Carol

up-side-down christmas carol

I clearly remember going into gales of laughter as a child when seeing anyone talk while up-side-down.  Chin talking is what they call it now.  I don’t think we had a name for it then.  And I don’t remember anyone dressing their chins with hats.  Or adding jiggly eyes.

We weren’t much on embellishments.  We would just hang from the monkey bars or over the back of the couch, talking and singing and saying ridiculous things that made our faces contort and made the other person laugh.

I’m not sure when we stopped doing the talking/singing up-side-down thing.  And sadly, I didn’t realize I missed it until I saw this Fool Moon up-side-down Christmas Carol video.

Well, the talking/singing up-side-down thing still makes me laugh – a lot!  (Thank you Fool Moon for your up-side-down christmas carol.)  But now I’m kind of left wondering what other childhood things I miss that I don’t remember.

Wishing you and yours

a very merry holiday season

filled with wonderful memories

and things that make you laugh!



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