Book: STIRRING UP TROUBLE by Juli Alexander

… a delightful witchy … YA romance … “

Did you ever wonder why witches are ugly, green and have warts?  Well…  It’s not their wickedness showing through.  It’s their punishment from Zeus for using their powers for self-serving purposes.

Which leaves nerdy 15-year-old Zoe Miller, who is a witchwiz at STIRRING UP TROUBLE, trying to resolve more than a few life dilemmas with all her potions tied behind her back.

How can Zoe get her secret crush, Zack, to see her as more than a Best Friend Forever 3rd wheel, when her BFF, Anya, dumps him for another guy?  How can Zoe cross over into the forbidden ex-boyfriend zone to date Zack without losing Anya as her BFF or making her want to get Zack back?  And worst of all, how can Zoe deal with her parents zany behavior after their divorce and, in particular, the unlucky complication of her dad starting to date Zack’s mom?

And then there is Halloween, which thanks to Zeus is far from being a Witch’s day in heaven…

STIRRING UP TROUBLE is a delightfully witchy, well-written, chuckle-out-loud, YA romance with enough twist and turns to keep the reader fully engaged.  The author, Juli Alexander, does a wonderful job of making her witch and human characters appealing, yet realistically flawed.

Zoe is lively, funny and sincere.  She cares about family and friends, even if she doesn’t always “get” them.  And she understands that both actions and inaction are choices that have consequences which tend to make life messy.

Bottom line: STIRRING UP TROUBLE is better than a beach read.  It’s guaranteed to make you smile even if you’re reading it while stuffed into a back seat with two dogs on an eight-and-a-half-hour car ride.  The only down side… you’ll wish you had packed more books by Ms. Alexander for the occasion.




  1. Sounds like a fun summer read! I have a friend who loves to read the same books as her 16 year old daughters and then have discussions. I’ll have to pass this along to her!


    1. It is a fun read! But part of why I liked it so much, is that the main character does grapple with and discuss, mostly through humor, a bunch morality issues – big and small. Hope they like it too!


  2. I probably read as many YA as adult books and much of the time enjoy them more. My problem is I have little time for reading right now and no thanks to you I have another book on the pile. It sound like so much fun.


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