A Compelling Tweep to Follow — In Japan

I’m just a fledgling in the Twitter world.  I’ve yet to master where to @who; what to #FF; why to #WW; or how to RT, so I receive more news feed then light repartee from my tweeps.  But yesterday, I found myself the fascinated follower (h/t @oceanbluepress) of a compelling twitterer in Japan.

Selected Readings from the Public Twitter Life of:

Steve Herman

Voice of America (VOA) Bureau Chief/Correspondent, based in Seoul, mainly covering NE Asia (Korean peninsula & Japan).  http://tvtokyo.com/steve.html

In Japan for quake coverage

*Selected tweets are from March 13, 2011 listed with most recent at top.
To read in the order issued, go to bottom and read up

Kyodo now reporting issues at yet another Japan nuke power plant — this one in Tokai where FD says cooling system pumps have stopped.

Have kept NHK on all night in hotels since Friday, so as able to react instantly. Tonight will be night #3. Expecting aftershocks.

No, really, the erupting volcano is nothing to worry about after a mega-quake, tsunami and nuke plant failures – http://bit.ly/eyJPRv#Japan

Estimated final quake/tsunami death toll for Japan, based on various officials’ comments, varies now between 3,000 and 10,000+.

It’s a big one right now. Whole hotel is shaking.

All foreign correspondents I’ve met here remarking on the amazing grace of the Japanese people in face of suc… (cont)http://deck.ly/~x0nY7

Chief gov’t spokesman’s words, reading between the lines, not reassuring about fate of Fukushima #3 reactor.

Japan gov’t admits food relief for quake/tsunami-hit areas not adequate.

-13 Mar-


Do you have a favorite twitterer in Japan?  How do you follow the news there?



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