~ Climate Change or Apocalyptic Weather Pattern?

With much of the U.S. receiving blasts of record snow this winter (and more predicted for this weekend), it seems only natural that the subject of snow and its impact would be on people’s minds.

Jeff Koterba: Omaha World-Herald/cagle.com

As usual, Jon Stewart takes on the burning questions of the day:

If winter precipitation is called snow, what should mega winter precipitation be called? And…If Global Warming causes increased precipitation, does a series of record winter precipitation mean climate change or just your average apocalyptic weather pattern?

(The video can be seen here).


More great cartoons from the Washington Post:

Ken Catalino: Syndicated / cagle.com

Chris Britt: State Journal-Register (Springfield, Ill.) / cagle.com


Kirk Walters: Toledo Blade / cagle.com



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