Saddest White House Christmas Doggie Picture May Reveal Secret Behind Obama’s Wanderlust

At first glance I thought this has got to be about the saddest White House doggie Christmas picture ever. Poor Bo. He’s all decked out in his Christmas finery and no one is around to admire his fetching bow tie.

This should be a picture of young Bo romping around the White House with Sasha and Malia hanging all over his neck, laughing and fussing over their first christmas with their dog Bo. But instead poor Bo looks like one very lonely dog who’s been regulated to a room no one uses, told to sit and then everyone left and forgot about him. And there good dog Bo sits waiting for someone to remember that he is still there.

But then I took a second look and realized this picture may expose the secret behind President Obama’s wanderlust since taking up residence in the White House.

You see the slight fold in the carpet?

Well, according to the Washington Examiner D. C. is full of rats. Yeah, we all know about the human variety that have infested D. C. and Wall Street. But it seem the rodent variety is also taken up residence in many washington buildings. Some observers have even gone so far as to suggest that –

"All of DC is infested with rats, especially the White House, the Capitol, and the Supreme Court."

Which makes this picture all the sadder. I’m betting Poor Bo knows what is hiding in that carpet fold and he’s fed up. Not only does everyone leave him behind to deal with the problem, but he’s a Portuguese Water dog which means he is more of a fish guy than a rat guy. And hey, there is only so much one dog can do.

Well, I guess White House living isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

Merry Christmas Bo. I wish you the joy of squeaky toys, yummy treats and romps in the snow. And maybe a Terrier companion to help with that little carpet fold problem.

And next year, after everyone’s forgotten about the “chewing” incidents and those couple of carpets you accidently ruined, you should talk to santa about a yacht for the President. Maybe then they’ll take you along and you can show off what a neat dog you are.


[Cross posted at No Quarter]


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