Celebrating a Nurturing Nature

Okay. When I think about it, it makes sense. They share the same habitat, so it why not be companionable about it. Still, I’ve never heard of a duck that feeds one fish, let alone multiple hungry, bigger than the duck sized fish.

This video is from last year, but I love it because it gives me hope about us humans. It shows, that regardless of species, the need to nurture is stronger than almost any other instinct.

(Great video from Steve Hartman and CBS news! h/t BGD)

And, since we happen to be between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, it seems an appropriate time to celebrate the nurturers of this world. The special people, with or without children of their own, who play an active role in the caring, feeding, protecting, supporting, encouraging, developing, training and educating of others in our society.

Whether your actions are as a friend, mentor, family member, professional, neighbor, business owner, manager, teacher, activist, co-worker, or volunteer, whether the recipient is a family member, friend, student, patient, neighbor, employee, stranger, community or the world, and regardless of whether your efforts are monetary, physical, emotional, or spiritual –

I celebrate you.

And I give you thanks.

This world is a better place because of you!




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