If “possibilities are endless,” where and how will we find them?  And when should we stop looking?

I wonder, because lately it feels as if too many of us stop looking for possibilities.  We’ve settled for what is and handed over the search of what could be to the serious-minded.  And we are now patiently waiting for our gifts of the future to arrive — conveniently prepackaged in normal, protectively wrapped with conventions, and time-date stamped for practicality.

Maybe we all need to put on our adventure suits back on.  The ones we loved as kids.

“Just doing things even though they are completely ridiculous sometimes, so what.  Lets do the ridiculous. And by doing the ridiculous something else might come of it.” ~~ Dominic Wilcox

Maybe it’s time we stopped trying to fit in and focus more on testing limits and embracing ridiculous as we search for possibilities among the obscure, the unconventional and the impractical?

And maybe, just maybe, our adventure suits and our search for possibilities needs to be a significant part of our daily life — all our life.  Embracing ridiculous could be a precious legacy we hand over to the next generation as they meet their life challenges.

And maybe, too, we would be much happier if our lives felt more like the glorious adventure full of possibilities that it is.

Embracing ridiculous is the creative key for artist/designer/inventor and professional ‘thinkeruper,’ Dominic Wilcox in the highly-aclaimed short film THE REINVENTION OF NORMAL (warning: be ready for the delightfully unexpected):

THE REINVENTION OF NORMAL from Liam Saint-Pierre on Vimeo.  

Is searching for possibilities and embracing ridiculous part of your daily life? Do you have moments when you “Go straight off the wall”?  Or do you like the comforts of “normal”?

Enjoy more of Dominic’s creations and imaginations at his website and through his book VARIATIONS ON NORMAL.