How do we help humanity forward?  When we value the wrong things, then we focus on the wrong things. And, of course, we create the wrong things.

Help humanity forward
Einstein lecture vienna 1921

Not the things that we most need…

As Albert Einstein explained in THE WORLD AS I SEE IT:

“I am absolutely convinced
that no wealth in the world
can help humanity forward,
even in the hands of the most
devoted worker in this cause.
The example of great
and pure characters
is the only thing that can lead us
to noble thoughts and deeds.
Money only appeals to selfishness
and irresistibly invites abuse…”

~~ Albert Einstein,
The World As I See It (1934)


(1879 – 1955)

Husband, father, naturalized US citizen
Developed Theory of Relativity
Nobel Prize for physics 1921
Scientist, physicist, theorist, author, inventor, office clerk
Peace and civil rights activist, NAACP member


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