We humans tend to have a giant soft spot in our hearts for animals.  And since advertising is all about finding the soft spots of humans and then exploit them, what could be more natural than companion animals in advertisements?

Dogs have always lead the pack (by a large margin) as the most frequently used animals in advertisements.  And while some may think there are canine prejudices involved, the choice really comes down to trainability issues.  Cats have tremendous appeal for being sleek, smart and agile.  Kittens are cute, cuddly and win extra points for their laugh out loud zany antics.  But young or old, when it comes down to cooperation felines are just not that interested.

So I can’t help wondering if cute, cuddly, and trainable has been the winning combination for dogs — can it make winners out of hamsters too?

Because if any hamsters are able to reach mass appeal, these would be the ones to do it.

Of course, some might need a little more training.


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