Food plays a crucial role in the functioning of our daily life, yet who among us really knows what the optimal diet is for human health and performance?

The Game ChangersSo much of our understanding of food and nutrition has been shaped by cultural norms, commercial disinformation, and conflicting knowledge. We select what we eat more by looks, taste, habit, and convenience — then nutritional content. We hear “diet” and immediately think weight management and the latest pills and plans. Even when we try to make nutrition a priority, we are surrounded and bombarded by “healthy” claims and a lot of poor, bad, and worst food choices.

But upending our muddled, outdated ideas of nutrition especially when it comes to our hard core convictions on meat, protein, and strength would require a game changer. And that is exactly what we get from executive producers James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Lewis Hamilton (formula 1 champion), Novak Djokovic (tennis champion) and Chris Paul (NBA player). THE GAME CHANGERS is a documentary movie about the research and record-breaking elite athletes that are proving a plant-based diet not only provides a complete protein package for strength, but superior nutrition for health as well.

Told through the journey of an injured elite Special Forces trainer and The Ultimate Fighter winner as he searches for answers, THE GAME CHANGERS covers a lot of ground, but makes a compelling case for a plant-based diet. Plants contain healing antioxidants (plant-based foods average 64% more than animal based foods), reduces inflammation, optimizes gut microbiome, blood supply, and body performance. Meat, on the other hand, impairs blood flow, increases inflammation, and increases bad gut bacteria.

And while everyone may not be ready, willing, or able to go completely meat free, (myself included), this movie does reinforce what many have claimed for years — the best diets for health are rich in fruits and vegetables.

There is a lot to love about THE GAME CHANGERS, but by focusing so heavily on protein and strength it left the question of optimal diet for human health and performance feelingly only partially answered.  Ideally, with all the resources and knowledge involved, THE GAME CHANGERS should have been a four part series:

  • Part 1 — Meat, protein & strength — Why you can’t get optimal health and performance with Meat protein.
  • Part 2 — Highly processed foods, nutrition, & health — Why you can’t get to optimal health and performance with the level of nutrition in highly processed foods.
  • Part 3 — Pollution, plants, & health — Why you can’t get optimal health and performance with toxic air, water and soil.
  • Part 4 — How to reach to our optimal health and performance on a plant-based diet.

Watch the movie and check out the great information and  recipes at The Game Changers.



One thought on “The Truth About Meat, Protein, & Strength”

  1. Thank you, Linda. My partner is Vegan – a change he made when faced with a serious health crisis – and quite a passionate evangelist for Veganism! 🙂 As for me, I dropped meat from my diet decades ago, though didn’t feel great on a completely Vegan diet and landed back at “mostly vegan, sometimes vegetarian, and pescatarian when my body guides me.” I’ve also noted incomplete nutrition and its occasional physio/mood effects with my partner and other Vegans in my midst, so more honest discussion would be helpful in encouraging more people to move towards that diet/lifestyle.

    We watched Game Changer, which I found informative and interesting, but also incomplete. For example, they didn’t really address the supplementation that these athletes were using — and elite athletes have resources well beyond most individuals. Nor did they address the question: If this is so effective with the athletes’ health and performance level, why aren’t high-level coaches advocating it more routinely for their players? Maybe that’ll be in Game Changers 2. 🙂 Had those questions been answered I’d have found it more well-rounded and convincing. I appreciate that you blogged about it. ~ Jamie

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