Songs resonate when they speak to us personally and capture a moment in time.  While binge watching ONE SPRING NIGHT on Netflix, I became entranced by a song — NO DIRECTION by Rachael Yamagata — that played in the background. The melody and words beautifully matched the mood of the romantic story being told.

But what immediately struck a chord with me was how this wistful, but hopeful song of uncertainty so perfectly captures the global moment we are in now that it could have been written as an anthem for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Where do we go from here?  For now, we have no direction.

We are stuck in a painful moment of many unknowns.  We have a uncertain understanding of the changes ahead and a growing dread of closeness and the losses to come… Yet, we have a aching need to stay connected, a wistful realization of what matters, and an ever hopeful recognition that we will need  to move forward — together.

NO DIRECTION by Rachael Yamagatafull lyrics from azlyrics)

When we look back on these days
When the stories are all that remain
Will we be more than the voices in our heads?
What will we spend on regret?
How far will we go to forget?
Baby, it’s too soon to tell where the story will end

Where do we go from here?
Are we dreamers without a direction?
Taking a chance, even if we get knocked to the ground
Is it enough to believe?
Is it enough to surrender?
It’s just the beginning, we can’t turn our backs on this now

I’m not a stranger to pain
Been hurt but I learned my lesson
Let’s go the distance, ’cause baby I’m all in
I’m not afraid of the future
Won’t be held down by the past
But I need to know if you’re with me now at last



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