Musical expression comes in an infinite variety of forms –

from professional musicians … to air guitar players,

from formally trained Opera singers … to Karaoke performers,

from orchestra conductors … to head bangers,

from ballet dancers to …

Irish Hand Dancers

I’m betting their tired feet inspired this.

Congrats to Cleary and Harding for ‘hand dancing’ their enjoyment of a Mocha Carmel for McDonalds.

Just wish their segment in the commercial was longer.

Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding are alumni of the Broadway hit “Riverdance.” The duo perform as the troupe Up & Over It.  Their contemporary, electro-pop liberation of Irish Dance is capturing the hearts and imaginations of audiences across the web and more than a few fans in the media.

Henry-K at Brave New Hollywood interviews Cleary and Harding here.
The Up & Over It duo appear on ABC’s Good Morning America here.

(video director for Irish Hand Dancers – Jonny Reed)


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