“The practical value of psychology… It is well recognized that the teacher must understand the working of the mind in order best to impart his information in that way that will enable the student to grasp it most readily. It was not recognized that every man[woman] going out into the world needs all the knowledge that he can get as to the working of the human mind in order not only to give but to receive information with the least waste and expenditure of energy… almost every man[woman] is a teacher.”  ~~  Lillian Gilbreth, (1914). Psychology of management. New York: Sturgis and Walton. pp. 1-2.




May 24, 1878 – Jan 2, 1972

Mother of 12, Wife
psychologist, industrial engineer, educator
researcher, lecturer, author
inventor, designer, volunteer
1st industrial/organizational psychologist
Leader in the “human relations movement”
“a genius in the art of living”


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