May we each understand the need, and strive to be, an intelligent toiler…

“An infallible test of civilization is that a man claiming to be civilized should be an intelligent toiler, that he should understand the dignity of labor, and that his work should be such as to advance the interests of the community to which he belongs.”   ~~ Mahatma Gandhi (or Mohandas K. Gandhi)

From THE ESSENTIAL GANDHI: An Anthology of his Writings on his Life, Work, and Ideas; Louis Fisher, Editor, p. 82

(aka Mahatma “high-souled” Gandhi)

October 2, 1869 – January 30, 1948

Husband, father,
Lawyer, philosopher, writer
Political leader, organizer, activist
Believer in the adherence to truth
Teacher of nonviolent civil disobedience


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