To the delight of fans, Detective Laci Jolett is back in action in Book/novella #3 of Suzie Ivy’s K9 Forever Series — THE FOREVER FRIEND.

This time it’s drugs in the local high school that has two students in the hospital and Detective Laci Jolett on the case with her K9 partner Belladonna. With a little help from  THE FOREVER FRIEND called Sugarplum — a mini-mop of a drug sniffer “in training”, they race to catch the “drugs and thugs” ring in the high school before more students get harmed.

Based on true cases and real dogs, the Forever Series is perfect for dog lovers and anyone wanting to know what real police procedures require — time, patience, and meticulous attention to detail. (If you don’t believe me, just read how a real crime scene is analyzed and evidence collected in book #2 THE FOREVER PARTNER.)

As always, Ms. Ivy (a retired homicide detective) presents a fun, fast, and insightful read and gives a much needed reality check to the standard police and CSI procedures depicted in most movies and tv series.


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