"...the danger of futility:
Photo by R. W. Rynerson, May 1968.
Photo by R. W. Rynerson, May 1968.
the belief there is nothing one man or
one woman can do against the enormous
array of the world's ills-against
misery and ignorance, injustice and
violence. Yet many of the world's
greatest movements, of thought and
action, have flowed from the work of a
single man [woman]...Few will have the
greatness to bend history itself, but
each of us can work to change a small
portion of events, and in the total of
all those acts will be written the
history of this generation..."

Robert F. Kennedy
N.U.S.A.S. “Day of Affirmation” Speech June 6th, 1966
University of Cape Town, South Africa

Robert (Bobby) Francis Kennedy
(November 20, 1925 – June 6, 1968)

US Attorney General
Husband, Father
Brother to President John F. Kennedy Jr.
Civil rights advocate
U.S. Senator from New York
Presidential candidate


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