Oui.  It is true.
The sun hides, while the wind stills.
The air chills and the clouds weep.
The earth languishes in sodden sympathy.
As millions watch.  And laugh.
At the woeful tail and frenchified air.
Of Henri, the cat.


(h/t S.Ivy – Henri 2, the first video above, was uploaded to Youtube on April 6th by the creator and in less than 2 weeks exceeded 1.5 million views.)


6 thoughts on “For The Joy of Animals: Woe Is Henri, the Cat”

  1. Cute!

    A friend sent me this video today:

    I have a black cat named Bou (pronounced Boo), and he wakes us up around 5:30 am meowing to go out onto the porch. He will come over and snuggle for a minute, purring away, and then the meowing starts again…

    1. Sooo funny! And that cat is just loving it!!! Thanks for sharing Amy!

      Our cat used to do that. It was like the doorstop was there for that purpose. We could never shut her in or out of a room. She could do it for hours. Or at least that is what it sounded like!

      1. LOL – that is so cute that your cat did that! Teehee!

        Yeah, when we were putting in the addition to our house, the cats went out onto a smaller part of the porch from our bedroom, so now that is the place to let us know it is time, apparently. Sigh. No wonder I am so sleep deprived! 😀

  2. I’ve watched it I don’t know how many times and laugh and smile as I do. So glad you posted because I’ve just watched again…and again…

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