#ILookLikeA #GirlPower #Future

#ILookLikeA #GirlPower #Future

Seeing is believing!  Especially when it comes to an #ILookLikeA #Girlpower #Future!

But today I found a little hope and inspiration in a wonderful video showing girls envisioning themselves as the current generation of movers and shakers.

Bravo to GoldieBlox.  I’ve been a little critical of their misdirected messaging in past videos.  But this one is a real delight and hits all the right empowerment notes!

As their launch of Fast-Forward Girls 2015 explains:

“…we’re celebrating today’s role models and the generation of girls they’ve inspired – the girls who have broken the mold, blazed a trail, and made it happen.”

And yes — Girls are “Worth It!”


Author: Linda Anselmi

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