Some Jason Silva inspiration for your day.

When asked “Can we harness the secrets of ‘Getting In The Zone?’ Can we ‘Hack Our Flow State?'”, Jason Silva says — Yes!

“I have found that the best way is to take yourself out of context… so rest, relaxation, novel spaces, novel environments, disconnection… just a daydream space, a space to dream, to fuse cognition and dream.”

How important is the ritual to achieving that flow state?  Very!

“You are building the foundations for something magical to happen. The ritual is as important as chopping the wood and making sure it’s dry before you light the fire. It’s providing the necessary ingredients for you cognitive salad.”

Loving Jason Silva in my life right now! ‪#‎inspiration‬ ‪#‎creativity‬ ‪#‎flow‬
Another Jason Silva video — Words: “I design, therefore I become.”


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