If “possibilities are endless,” where and how will we find them?  And when should we stop looking?

I wonder, because lately it feels as if too many of us stop looking for possibilities.  We’ve settled for what is and handed over the search of what could be to the serious-minded.  And we are now patiently waiting for our gifts of the future to arrive — conveniently prepackaged in normal, protectively wrapped with conventions, and time-date stamped for practicality.

Maybe we all need to put on our adventure suits back on.  The ones we loved as kids.

“Just doing things even though they are completely ridiculous sometimes, so what.  Lets do the ridiculous. And by doing the ridiculous something else might come of it.” ~~ Dominic Wilcox

Maybe it’s time we stopped trying to fit in and focus more on testing limits and embracing ridiculous as we search for possibilities among the obscure, the unconventional and the impractical?

And maybe, just maybe, our adventure suits and our search for possibilities needs to be a significant part of our daily life — all our life.  Embracing ridiculous could be a precious legacy we hand over to the next generation as they meet their life challenges.

And maybe, too, we would be much happier if our lives felt more like the glorious adventure full of possibilities that it is.

Embracing ridiculous is the creative key for artist/designer/inventor and professional ‘thinkeruper,’ Dominic Wilcox in the highly-aclaimed short film THE REINVENTION OF NORMAL (warning: be ready for the delightfully unexpected):

THE REINVENTION OF NORMAL from Liam Saint-Pierre on Vimeo.  

Is searching for possibilities and embracing ridiculous part of your daily life? Do you have moments when you “Go straight off the wall”?  Or do you like the comforts of “normal”?

Enjoy more of Dominic’s creations and imaginations at his website and through his book VARIATIONS ON NORMAL.


One thought on “Pondering Possibilities: Embracing Ridiculous”

  1. Hello,

    I am a first time visitor. I was copying and pasting this to a note on my computer, wanted to store it in a new folder called “philosophy files” but I couldn’t think of the word. I searched the “nets” for “what is the profession of pondering the possibilities of life?” and I clicked this page because I was interested to see who else had forgotten to fix the hinges that keep their mind shut. This was the “this” I referenced above:

    I’ve been on Face Book off and on for 10 years now and have copy and pasted something six times. Sean Cleary posted this today; it’s something I wish I’d written. I believe every, single word of it.

    …be gay and Christian
    …believe in God and science
    …be pro choice and anti abortion
    …be a feminist and love and respect men
    …have privilege and be discriminated against
    …be poor and have a rich life
    …to not have a job and still have money (legal good money)
    …be anti guns and still believe in one’s right to defend one’s self, family and property
    …be anti war and pro military
    …be anti Trump and pro America
    …love thy neighbor and despise his actions
    …advocate Black Lives Matter and still be pro police
    …not have an education and be brilliant
    …be Muslim and also suffer at the hands of terrorists
    …be a non American fighting for the American dream
    …be different and the same
    We are all walking contradictions of what “normal” looks like.
    Let humanity and love win.
    (Author is encouraging copy/paste, if you like.)

    So this is what I wrote in response to my first thoughts on the subject:

    Thank you for bringing my battery concept back in to light. I don’t know if I can say that without infringing on some right somewhere and potentially breaking the law of the international courts by saying something where I’m at while somebody on the other side of the planet gets offended and worried about whatever currency they have wherever they are at. I am pretty sure, actually, that the concept has been noticed by some human mind since sadness and guilt coincided in our ever questionable existence. So what solves all of these “obvious” contradictions? How do we re-word all of our concepts better in order to make progress in the “pursuit of happiness? I Like The word “let” right at the the end, but that just isn’t wise because as we all know, when we “let” the world go by for long enough, bad things tend to develop once we start to focus again. How can people prevent others from being cruel while being free to do whatever we want? What do we want to do? The possibilities are endless. If one were to live long enough would it not be inevitable that the curiosity of the human mind would turn to cruelty just to have had it be done and checked off of that list that we all keep hidden in the psyche. Maybe given a long enough timeline we would all turn to evil just to have some peace of mind… Crazy

    So I’m back in the present, currently writing to the reader of these posts. I know I have more to say about life but this almost gets the bridge of talking to people who don’t/can’t open up built.

    Thank you for your page,

    Scott M. Haddox

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