I came across the song JUST LIKE YOU WERE by Emma Worthington on my twitter feed a few months back and was immediately captivated. The melody is lovely. Emma’s voice is sweet and clear. Her words, ones she wrote, quickly became etched in my mind.

Is there such a thing as a lullaby for adults?  If so, this song would be one.

"that day was quiet just for you
that day was quiet just like you were
and though you didn’t want to make do
I hope you’re happy in your slumber"

Shortly afterwards a beloved uncle passed away and I found myself listening to this song over and over — in the quiet of the evening before I turned out the lights, in the early morning before my day began, on rainy days of introspection…

I’ve become enchanted by JUST LIKE YOU WERE.  I love it’s soothing soulfulness and quiet yearnings, the lilting lyrics and gentle rhythms. It is a song that speaks to me of loss, sadness and acceptance, but also of optimism. It a song that brings to me a sense of peace and joy.

I hope it brings the same to you.



Just Like You Were by Emma Worthington

Singer, song writer, musician


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