As heartbreaking as it is to lose such notable creative talents as Robin Williams and Seymour Hoffman through depression, it is even more heartbreaking to know that, globally, 350 million people live with depression.  The sad truth is we all know someone who is depressed, we just might not realize how real their depression is or how deeply it affects them.

In this amazingly engaging and informative video produced by the World Health Organization, writer and illustrator Matthew Johnstone explains the signs and effects of depression.
Learn more about depression at The World Health Organization and share their Depression Fact Sheet.

It might just save a life.


7 thoughts on “The Black Dog of Depression”

    1. Yes! We need to stop separating out mental health from physical health. They are irrevocably intertwined in determining our wellness!

  1. Will share, as the WHO content is very informative. It is an important pairing to the personal stories that are being shared.

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