All of nature and humanity is an evolutionary history of creating and adapting to change. Adapting is how we not only survive, but thrive.

The American people, in particular, have always excelled at adapting and thriving. At our core, we are practical innovators wrapped in a fearless bravado and big picture dreamers with one foot grounded in reality.

As a budding nation we Americans empowered and charged each and every citizen to find the courage necessary and seek the knowledge required to keep our nation strong and vibrant.

Yet there seems to be a constant refrain from the media and politicians these days that the American people don’t like change. Or that we are afraid of change. But I think they are wrong. I think they have misread both the situation and the American people. We are mired, now, as a nation, not by fear but by misplaced trust.

When we as citizens entrusted corporations and our government with our power, when we, as citizens, entrusted the media with our knowledge and when we, as citizens, allowed fatigue and frustration to overcome our courage, we lost our ability to trust ourselves and enchained our creative and critical thoughts.

Our way forward now, as it has always been throughout history, will be by creating and adapting to changes. And whether those changes are big or small, all will require our active participation. Each and every one of us will need to find our courage, expand our knowledge, and responsibly wield our individual powers.

And, though she is not an American, it seems somehow fitting to conclude with music by someone who is discovering her courage and learning how to create and adapt to change.

Go Ms. Boyle!!

You are a heartwarming inspiration to us all!

A beautiful recording of Wild Horses by Susan Boyle (without video).

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3 thoughts on “Susan Boyle and Adapting to Change”

  1. Wonderful article – thank you so much. Indeed, Susan Boyle is the inspirational lady who has changed many lives for the better. She is a lovely, talented person whose courage has uplifted many of us and allowed us to face our own fears and sorrows head-on. Her beautiful, haunting album plays constantly in my home – she touches me soul to soul and heart to heart. I think she is magnificent.

  2. Susan boyle really has a very nice voice and she is very talented. ;

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