We function in a world full of assumptions.  We literally start our day with them.  We assume if we open our eyes, we will see. We assume if we stand up, the ground will hold our weight.  We assume if we see a door, it will lead to somewhere or to something.

your mind do investigateWe create our assumptions as we go.  We assume based on our experiences that are confirmed over time.   They build one on top of each other.  Eventually, they become so ingrained, we treat them as truths — though they aren’t.   We treat them as universal — though almost nothing is.

Our assumptions are mere conveniences for our minds.  They work until they don’t.  The world changes.  Our lives change. Yet, we tend to rely on those same old assumptions.

We would do well to reevaluate even our most basic assumptions from time to time — lest the quicksand pulls us under.  I try to remember this, but sometimes I need a nudge from another voice.

Recently, Sarah Rudell Beach expressed it so well in 10 Totally Mindful Mantras from the Totally Awesome 80’s! :

1dca1d77c6652f3b22ec035110203f14“… our experiences and thoughts seem so real, so obvious, so patently true that we don’t often question them. We take our thoughts as truth rather than seeing them as phenomena of the mind. So, as Yoda might say, “Your mind, do investigate.”



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