Jerry & AnitaDiscussing my recent article, Ramifications of #YesAllWomen/#NotAllMen In the Wake of Elliot Rodger’s Killing Spree, on the Jerry Doyle Show.

Jerry and I looked at society’s addiction to misogyny, toxic masculinity and what we can do to open a dialogue to break that cycle.  We also discuss Jeopardy champion Arthur Chu’s brave and insightful Daily Beast article, Your Princess Is In Another Castle: Misogyny, Entitlement and Nerds.  The piece is well worth your time.

I applaud and appreciate Jerry for having me on his show to discuss a topic many would just as soon look away from, examining unlikely factors in the senseless violence we see today.

Please don’t miss this great interview (click on audio bar below)…

Jerry Doyle Show 5/29/14


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