7 thoughts on “For The Joy Of Animals: Barking Dog Choir”

  1. This is absolutely too cute! I do feel it’s sad that Super Bowl commercials are out before the big day. It takes a lot of the fun (for people like me, the only fun) out of watching the game. Wow what am I complaining about, I can just miss the whole thing:-)

    1. No doubt there is more editing magic than animal magic at work here, but I still love the concept of dogs barking out a musical greeting/warning.

  2. I tried to respond on TNA but it went all wonky and when I tried again I got a “duplicate post” warning. Hmmm…. How appropriate that I saw this on your site! What I said (or tried to) was that I used to only watch the Super Bowl for the ads, but they have become so ridiculously hyper-sexualized I don’t bother anymore. This one that you have posted is one I figured Toyota would have waited to air. I’m glad they didn’t. The first time we saw it, I made my husband pause it and rewind it because we were laughing so hard we kept missing bits of it. Love this!!

      1. Glad you like my blog 🙂 I need to get it reorganized a bit, possibly a different theme. As for the link to that ad, I posted that one a bit ago to the think tank…. great minds thinking alike???? I’ll be adding you to my blog list as well.

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