The idea of a male cat birthing coach seems to go against everything we think we know or have been taught to think about the nature of human vs animal behavior.

Humanity — 1) compassionate, sympathetic, or generous behavior or disposition: the quality or state of being humane; 2) the quality or state of being human

Synonyms: bigheartedness, charity, commiseration, compassion…

Animality — 1) a quality or nature associated with animals:  a natural unrestrained unreasoned response to physical drives or stimuli; 2) the animal nature of human beings

Synonyms: animalism, beastliness, brutality, swinishness…

And yet, this male cat birthing coach is everything you would want in a human dad birthing coach – tender, supportive, protective, thoughtful …

And then there is Pretty Boy — the male cat birthing coach who slept with, sat on, and continued to knead a goat for support until she gave birth.

Maybe we give humanity too much credit and animality not enough?


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3 thoughts on “Pondering The Possibilities: Male Cat Birthing Coach”

    1. Yes, the cats are especially bonded pair. But reading around the internet there are many examples of similar behaviors. I guess I am just fascinated by nurturing behaviors we seem to think of as one-offs. That turn out not to be. Of course, you all probably see more “behaviors” than the average pet owner could ever dream of!

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