Personally, I’m just a little frustrated that we, the American people, are not being enlisted as builders of our own future. It’s as if we are the fourth leg on that three-legged stool everyone keeps trying to construct. Only we’re the leg that got thrown out with the packaging materials and the instructions!

public domain
public domain
Waiting Americans
by Linda Anselmi

We can awaken our courage,
And uncover our grit.
We can strap on responsibilities,
No matter the split.

But frustrations are growing,
Despite readying all that we can.
Because we see no real future,
And nary a plan.

Those stools don’t need mending,
We can no longer afford such a sit.
America is waiting, Mr. President,
To see where our citizens will fit.

Of course, Former President Bill Clinton presented his suggestion for President Obama on ABC Good Morning America in a much more thoughtful and measured way.

Mark McKinnon is a little more blunt in his article at The Daily Beast.(major h/t andy)

Dear Mr. President, Have the Guts to Be an Optimist:
OK, Mr. President, enough with the doomsday talk already. We get it. Things suck. And they’re going to get worse before they get better.  And we get how it important it was for you to level-set expectations out of the gate, as they were stratospherically out of whack.
We are all in economic rehab now, clear eyed and sober…
It’s time for less mope and more hope.  You were elected because you are a walking, talking hope machine. Plug that sucker back in and crank it upto ten.

So what’s your suggestion for our President?

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