The first, second, and third rule of real estate is — Location, Location, Location!  But location isn’t just a place.  And, it isn’t something static.

Location is an entire environment…

— A dynamic relationship that is constantly changing and evolving in an ebb and flow of elements both large and small; seen and unseen.

— A system of constant interactions and brief encounters, of massive weather events and microscopic organisms, of nano-seconds and the accumulation of centuries.

— The result of everything that has happened up to now and everything that is happening in this moment and all that is yet to come.

— A reflection of who we are mentally, emotionally, and physically, and what we value — both individually and collectively as a community.

We rarely think about the consequences of these dynamics in our environment unless we’ve personally been impacted by them.  Even then, we tend to focus on them as rogue elements rather than parts of a whole system that is interconnected and ever changing…

Live cams are a great way to remind us of the subtle, often unnoticed changes that happen in a given place. Two of my favorite live cams to watch share the same geographic location, but they offer two very different views of the dynamic environments that they are a part of…


During Hurricane Florence both Frying Pan Shoals cameras were destroyed.  But, before the Ocean Cam stopped, it provided riveting viewing as the American flag continue to fly


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