I didn’t see him arrive, but suddenly he was there.

His back to me, he boldly surveyed the garden. As if, all my hard work was his for the taking. As if, I wasn’t mere inches away.  As if, he had all the time in the world. 

I moved closer. I knew he knew I was there, but still he didn’t budge. What did he see? What was he looking for?  What did he want?

Others had come before him. But none had been so bold. Most scurried away at my mere presence or hid in dark corners. But not him.  No. Back straight, head to the wind, he held his ground.

What was he up to?

I raised my camera to be at the ready as he began to move.  Slowly. Oh… So… Slowly… He turned to face me. 

I held my breath and I waited…  

He held out a leg — as if in greeting.  Then he leaned sideways and stuck out two more legs and he posed, tauntingly.  And then, my nemesis was gone.

Yeah, my inner photographer just got played by another garden poser.  This time a Japanese Beetle.

garden poser 1