The Wife by Meg Wolitzer (book cover)
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Book Review: THE WIFE by Meg Wolitzer

I picked THE WIFE by Meg Wolitzer for our book club, as I thought it would be so much fun to have a corresponding “go to the movies night” to compare the novel with the new movie featuring Glenn Close. … Read more...

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Can We Ever Feel Too Valuable?

We all have an innate need to be valued in life — to feel we are valuable as individuals and as members of our community and to feel that our contributions are worthy and appreciated. But can we ever feel … Read more...

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Book Review: GODS OF HOWL MOUNTAIN by Taylor Brown

I loved this book! (This is the third Taylor Brown novel I’ve read, and I am convinced I will read anything this author writes). The language in GODS OF HOWL MOUNTAIN — and in all of his books — is … Read more...

The Lost letter
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Book Review: THE LOST LETTER by Jillian Cantor

THE LOST LETTER is definitely my favorite book byJillian Cantor, who seems a natural at her first dual-narrative novel. Taking place in 1938 Austria and in 1990s Los Angeles, this book has a little bit of everything: a … Read more...

The world of the individual person
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Words: “The World Of The Individual Person…”

Recently, Pew Research asked thousands of Americans where they find meaning in life.  Instead of presenting group responses, they highlighted the wonderful responses and stories from the world of the individual person.  It reminded me that:

The world of the individual personEverything of value … Read more...

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Universal Well-Being And Planetary Considerations

What will it take for us to let go of our endless debates and finger-pointings over global warming or global climate change?  When will we begin to truly recognize that the heart of our human existence and survival is the … Read more...

THE REMOVES by Tatjana Soli
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Book Review: THE REMOVES by Tatjana Soli

Wow. I could probably stop there, honestly, because that’s about all you need to know. But… I can’t do that because I loved this book too much not to talk about it.

THE REMOVES by Tatjana Soli is an intense

honest kind strong responsible
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Would Your Ideal Americans be — Honest, Kind, Strong, and Responsible?

These days, it is kind of hard not to believe the great American divide is all around us. As proof we are bombarded daily with endless examples of a society divided by class, race, gender, politics, finances… And not to … Read more...

blueberry season
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Blueberry Season Is Here — Enjoy The Bounty

During blueberry season it is easy to find fresh blueberries in abundance in grocery stores and farmer’s markets.  We have the added treat of having fresh blueberries growing in our yard. Plus, I know that the fruit was grown without … Read more...