A Compelling Tweep to Follow — In Japan

I’m just a fledgling in the Twitter world.  I’ve yet to master where to @who; what to #FF; why to #WW; or how to RT, so I receive more news feed then light repartee from my tweeps.  But yesterday, I found myself the fascinated follower (h/t @oceanbluepress) of a compelling twitterer in Japan. Selected […]

Pondering The Possibilities: Electric Hybrid Cannabis-mobiles

Everyone wants a smoke’n car, but would a toke’n car be a good thing? A consortium of Canadian firms under the group name Project Eve is hoping the Kestrel, which may be the world’s first electric hybrid hemp car, isn’t just a home grown pipe dream. The Kestrel‘s launch is […]

Dear Commander-in-Chief, The Oil Spill Is Winning!

Dear Commander-in-Chief: Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!  It is day 81.  The oil invasion is spreading.  We will soon be surrounded by deadly water on two sides! Our food supplies are tainted.  Our morale is low.  Our information unreliable.  Our front lines are falling to illness and fatigue.  We are undermanned.  The […]

The Oil Isn’t Just a Perception Problem

On the surface it may look like BP and the Obama administration are having some bad oil days. Rust-colored oil that fouled Louisiana’s ecologically sensitive marshes washed ashore on barrier islands off Alabama and Mississippi on Tuesday. The oil slick now looms about 7 miles off the Florida coast and changing wind […]

Serving a Corporate Criminal Culture

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has released a devastating ad against President Obama’s handling of the BP oil spill vs Obama’s political words as a candidate via LATimes “Never again” is easy political talk. Too easy. And while that ad plays gotcha politics (and fairly so), it also reflects just how bipartisan […]

Dear Mr. President, I’d Like to Report a Fishy Drug Deal

Dear Mr. President: I read a post on the Whitehouse blog called “Facts Are Stubborn Things” that said: Scary chain emails and videos are starting to percolate on the internet, breathlessly claiming, for example, to “uncover” the truth about the President’s health insurance reform positions. And that: There is a lot […]