death of a Corvette
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The Death of a Corvette Via Cash For Clunkers

Warning! The death of a Corvette is painful to watch and listen to for anyone who loves Corvettes, autos and racing. Traded in as part of the “Cash for Clunkers” program, sodium silicate solution is used to freeze up the … Read more...

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Reforming For Profits *update I & II

We must have misunderstood the plan. We actually thought the whole point of reforming health care was to help the american people have better, more affordable health care.

$$$ image - reforming for profitsWe thought the promise of BARACK OBAMA’S PLAN FOR A HEALTHY AMERICARead more...

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Dear Mr. President, I’d Like to Report a Fishy Drug Deal

Dear Mr. President:

I read a post on the Whitehouse blog called “Facts Are Stubborn Things” that said:

Scary chain emails and videos are starting to percolate on the internet, breathlessly claiming, for example, to “uncover” the truth about the 
Keepon robot created by Michalowski & Kozima
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It’s Yellow and Round

Keepon is yellow and round and it will make you smile.

Okay it doesn’t hurt that it’s paired with a catchy tune. Still, I’ll bet you can’t play this only once.

But Keepon, the little yellow spongiform “peeps” looking robot, … Read more...

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Bailout Bonds for Ordinary Americans?

Just in case you were feeling a little left out of all the bailout funds going around, not to worry. Our government has not forgotten about ordinary Americans.

The Obama administration has actually been working overtime to come up with … Read more...

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Reich to Obama – Re: Geithner

Since this pretty much speaks for itself, I’m just going to step out of the way.

From Robert Reich’s Blog (major h/t Andy):

(Robert Reich was the nation’s 22nd Secretary of Labor and is a professor at the University … Read more...