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Book: THE SECRET WISDOM OF THE EARTH by Christopher Scotton

THE SECRET WISDOM OF THE EARTH by Christopher Scotton has received a great deal of pre-release accolades – all well deserved. I suspect, however, the spell it cast over me is a bit different than the one cast for others, mainly… Continue Reading →

Words: Steve Jobs “Bicycle For Our Minds…”

The common everyday bicycle is one of the most underrated inventions. In the US, we mostly consider it as a toy for kids. But the invention and wide use of bicycles, a simple tool of transportation, became a major force of… Continue Reading →

A Disgruntled Snowman’s Snow Fight

We may be disgruntled by the snow, but it is here to stay — at least for a couple of months.  So we might as well find humor in it where we can. I’ve long been a fan and follower of the folks… Continue Reading →

Does Hollywood Reflect Our Struggle With Aging?

I recently asked if we are now a Botox Nation, preferring Barbie and Ken’s wrinkle-free faces, boobs of steel that say Hi! to the ceiling and six pack abs to a less glamorous reality. It was both surprising and encouraging that so… Continue Reading →

Komen Pink Camouflaging “Bit For The Cure”

One in eight women will develop or die from breast cancer.  Having a mission statement to end breast cancer is noble in words.  How an organization goes about achieving that mission shows whether it is noble in deed. Susan G…. Continue Reading →

Freezing Eggs, A Perk For Female Employees?

When I read the headline that Apple and Facebook are now offering to freeze female employees’ eggs as a perk of employment, I thought I had entered the Twilight Zone! Is that taking progress a bit too far?  Is this move a way… Continue Reading →

Success In An Elusive F2 at The Knoxville Zoo

Once upon a time, an interesting species of turtle became extinct. Last seen in 1908, the Arakan Forest Turtle, Heosemys depressa, disappeared and was never seen again. (This seems like a sad story, but stick with me.) About 100 years later, in… Continue Reading →

Words: “… If You Only Talk About The Problem”

“… If You Only Talk About The Problem” “Speaking to thousands and thousands of people has convinced me that, if you only talk about the problem, and not the path forward, it’s almost as if people literally, physiologically–can’t hear you.” ~~… Continue Reading →

The Art of The Virtual “Smudgy Hug”

Humans are social beings.  We crave human-to-human contact.  Even as machines and technology take over more and more aspects of our lives, we try our best to humanize them. Think of our phones.  We give them names, voices and mannerisms…. Continue Reading →

Invisible Desert Dwellers

Desert dwellers are accustomed to the monsoon season and the rain it ushers in, a glass of water raised to cracked, thirsty lips. We also know that with rain, the normally dry riverbed near our home begins to ebb and… Continue Reading →

Labor: It’s Not Just What We Do, It’s What We Add

Labor may seem like a quaint carryover from the times of large unions and heavy manual production, but even in our technology age, there is nothing that we do in a day that doesn’t rely on the efforts of others…. Continue Reading →

Words: “… Poke Life …”

“The minute that you understand that you can poke life… that you can change it, you can mold it. That’s maybe the most important thing. It’s to shake off this erroneous notion that life is there and you’re just gonna… Continue Reading →

Has Comic-Con Cosplay Become Sluts vs Creeps?

At the recent Comic-Con Convention in San Diego, costumed female cosplayers were on the receiving end of much sexual harassment and are fighting back against the creep factor. Jerry and I get into it over the concept of “personal responsibility.”  I pointed out that… Continue Reading →

Needing To Belong … xkcd: Spirit

The need to belong is one of the most basic human motivations.

We want to feel connected, accepted and valued.

When we don’t belong, we lose spirit.

Words: “Anybody Can Be An Agent Of Change …”

“Anybody can be an agent of change… People think that if they can’t tackle all the world’s problems and make it all better overnight, there’s no purpose. I totally disbelieve that. I believe that every action really does contribute to… Continue Reading →

The Bots In The Band

No tin ears here.  And what they lack in heart, they make up for in precision. (Or at least their coders did.) These Hexrotor musicians, created by KMel Robotics, put a new spin on our ideas of what musicians look like and how they play… Continue Reading →

A Second Mother To Nature

Mother Nature has seen it all!  But sometimes we can’t help wondering if she needs a back up too.   Please welcome new contributing writer Melissa Crytzer Fry, who experienced all the anxiety of a hovering second mom as  she watched… Continue Reading →

Happy, With A Side of Happy

Nothing changes the mood of a moment like receiving an unexpected smile. Nothing changes the mood of an hour like listening to your favorite songs. Nothing changes the mood of the day like — a mega dose of HAPPY? And… Continue Reading →


Until I read THINGS A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME, I knew nothing about the back story of Twitter or the people who created it — not even their names.  (Sorry Biz.)  I just used the service like millions of others… Continue Reading →

Mahogany Row, Mary Barra, and Equal Pay

My latest article questioned whether Mary Barra Was Set Up to Take the Fall at GM.  As their first woman CEO, named weeks before a disastrous 2.6 million car recall was made public, the timing looks suspicious.  Tuesday, April 7th, was… Continue Reading →

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