Welcome to BELOW THE SALT NEWS!  We are a different kind of news magazine.  BELOW THE SALT NEWS is about sharing compassion, imagination, and knowledge (not politics) to change our world and add value to our lives.

Our Mission is to be active participants in —

Honoring Creativity · Pondering Possibilities · Sharing Knowledge
· Valuing Usefulness

Our goal is to share stories about agents of creativity, change, understanding, collaboration, and sustainability.  From books to robots, ants to vitamins, historical figures to family members (and yes, even you), we share the creators, doers and ideas that add value to our lives and our world.  But, the potential for a better world can only come from a place of respect, joy, and compassion.

Our hope is to engage, inspire, and motivate you, the reader, to explore creative ways to improve and change all the things you feel passionate about.  Whether these things are personal, practical, technical, scientific, environmental, educational, artistic, or governmental they are the things that impact your life….

We all face a multitude of challenges and we all have knowledge and ideas that can to improve our world.  Too often we allow the idea of change or personal involvement and action to become stumbling blocks.  But we shouldn’t.

There are no professionals in life.  We are all amateurs.  Every single one of us!

agents of creativity, change, understanding, collaboration, and sustainability

We are all struggling to figure it out.  So we need to share everything that we can.

We all need to be active participants. Because if we don’t do “it,” someone else will and we probably won’t like the results.

  • Change is universal, inevitable, and necessary (just look to nature).
  • Change reflects those who make it.
  • No one can overcome challenges without knowledge and involvement.

Every action or inaction, no matter how small, creates ripples that expand outwards through our lives and our communities.  Since we are all collaborators, willingly or not, wouldn’t we be wise to recognize and embrace our role? That —

  • Each of us is a powerful agent of change.
  • Our best resources for change are our knowledge, creativity and collaboration.
  • Our biggest motivators for change are our needs, understanding, determination.

We welcome those interested in sharing stories, news and ideas that:

  • Celebrate people and nature.
  • Build understanding, collaboration and community.
  • Explore creativity, change, and sustainability.
  • Provide problem awareness, alternative thinking, and creative solutions.
  • Share personal perspectives and insights.
  • Embrace personal responsibility.
  • Encourage thoughtful engagement and action.

Please come back often and share your thoughts in comments.  If you wish to contribute a guest post or become a contributing writer, please Contact Us.

BELOW THE SALT NEWS is not about selling products or debating politics.

Linda Anselmi
Publisher and editor of BELOW THE SALT NEWS

“Life isn’t always a ‘good parts’ version, but there are always possibilities.”


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