Life has no professionals.  No matter how much we grow and learn, we are all still amateurs in this world and in our lives.  That doesn’t mean we should give up on a better life.  But, it does require that each of us become responsible collaborators in that better. With respect, joy, and compassion for ourselves and each other, all things are possible.

The Mission of BTSN is to be responsible collaborators in changing our world and ourselves to become part of a more healthy, compassionate, sustainable, and solution oriented society through the use of storytelling that expands our knowledge, creativity, possibilities and usefulness.

Our focus is on the human and nature connections that add value to our life and our world.

Our hope is to engage, inspire, and motivate you, the reader, to explore creative ways to improve and change all the things you are passionate about.

We are not about selling products or debating politics.

Please join us in — Honoring Creativity · Pondering Possibilities · Sharing Knowledge · Valuing Usefulness

We hope you come back often and share your thoughts in comments.  If you are interested in contributing a guest post or become a contributing writer, please Contact Us.

Remember …

“Life isn’t limited to a ‘good parts’ version,
but there are always possibilities.”

— Linda Anselmi, Publisher and editor of BELOW THE SALT NEWS


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