Carl Ally - ad man

"The creative person wants to be a know-it-all.

He wants to know about all kinds of things:

ancient history, nineteenth-century mathematics,

current manufacturing techniques, flower arranging,

and hog futures.

Because he never knows when these ideas

might come together to form a new idea.

It may happen six minutes later or six months,

or six years down the road.

But he has faith that it will happen."

— Carl Ally (1924 – 1999), advertising executive

8 thoughts on “Words To Create By: “The creative Person …””

    1. Thank you Melanie! I really appreciate the feedback. I’m liking the colors too. Now if I can just get a handle on a few functionality issues, I’ll be in business.

          1. wow, thanks. first time that anyone has been specific

            .”I think with my fingers” (Isaac Asimov), shutting down logic and my mind (which writes drivel) and allow my intuitive spirit to speak

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